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*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
         New! A Balance Blocks
Practice sequencing and balancing with colorful blocks and activity cards. Build your tower to match the image. Blocks are lightweight and easy for young children to grasp. Helps to strengthen gross motor and visual processing skills. Includes 12 activity cards and 6 blocks.
All blocks weigh 11 oz. Polyurethane. Filled with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple. Surface wash. Age 6 months+
MW6829 $44.99
B Squeaky Spots
Step on a spot to make it squeak! Blend movee- ment activities with auditory stimulation. Helps with learning foot placement and motor planning skills. Supports sensory integration activities. In- cludes 6 spots weighing 2 oz. each with squeaker inside and non-slip backing. 8 Diameter. Vinyl. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Surface wash. Use with adult supervision.
SP6790 $34.99
New! C Stomp, Rock and Walk
No ordinary rocking board, this board with an offset fulcrum offers three movement-based activ- ities. Use it to stomp, balance and wobble! Walk up and down as the board gently shifts, or try to stand on it while balancing. Practice building core strength and gross motor skills. The lightweight board transports easily, perfect for traveling therapists. 2.25 lbs. 20”L x 8”W x 1.75”D. Birch wood with latex paint and polyurethane coating. Surface wash. Age 4+
New! E Move and Balance
Activity Deck
Movement-based activities challenge the core, upper body and lower body. Hop like a kangaroo, pedal a pretend bike on your back or walk like a crab! Ideal for physical and occupational therapy, or just to get moving for fun! Includes 45 laminat- ed cards with colorful illustrated prompts. Weighs 3 oz. Cards are 3”L x 5”W. Age 4+
MW6835 $26.99
F Yoga Deck for Kids on the
Stretch, focus and breathe! Fun, engaging cards feature the friendly Herbert, who guides kids through funny yoga poses like Dancer, Warrior and Where’s My Shoe? The positions help kids im- prove postural control, motor planning, balance, body awareness, flexibility and more. Use an exercise ball for support, or try the exercises on your own for more challenge. Includes 44 cards with instructions for alignment, action and atten- tion. Age 3+
   MW6981 $69.99
New! D Double Sided
Cooperative Maze
Mazes are wonderful for engaging children in a focused activity that requires problem solving. This introduces a partner element for twice the fun! Work together with a friend to lift the maze, keep it steady and move the ball into the target. Two-sided design features a different maze on each side. Use to practice upper body work, hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination and social skills. 10 lbs. Maze: 23.75” Diameter, 1” Deep. Ball: 1.75” Diameter, colors vary. Poly- urethane coated MDF, nylon rope, rubber balls. Surface wash. Age 4+
MW7004 $219.99
SR4585 SR4694 SR4695 SR4696
Yoga Deck
Yoga Deck and 17” Therapy Ball Yoga Deck and 20” Therapy Ball Yoga Deck and 24” Therapy Ball
$16.99 $34.99 $35.99 $37.99

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