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Sensory processing is the way we respond to incoming sensory information. We learn and grow through our senses, which include touch, sight, sound, smell, taste, proprioception and vestibular sensations. We manage our day-to-day activities through all the information our bodies take in. Are you someone who paces while on phone calls or clicks your pen while you’re trying to think? These are perfect examples of using sensory processing to help your brain process information.
Most of us are able to adapt to our surroundings without much difficulty. But under increased stress, adapting may become more difficult. And sometimes, we all just need a little sensory break to step away and help us re-focus!
Adapting your work environment can help. Opportunities for increased tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular input can improve attention, self-regulation and organization to increase effectiveness in performing work tasks.
A few examples of sensory adaptations and equipment to provide movement, tactile and deep pressure opportunities include:
• Suspended equipment provide movement such as a swing or hammock chair
• Weighted or sequined lap pads provide proprioceptive and tactile input while sitting at a desk or in meetings
• Tactile tools such as Rollease,TM desk fidgets and putty occupy the hands, helping the brain to focus
• Noise Reduction Headphones block out sounds and distracting noise around you
• Environmental changes such as a bubble tube or sound machine help decrease the sensory stimulation and provide a calming, soothing atmosphere
Incorporating a few sensory tools throughout the workplace can be beneficial to everyone. It makes it easier to participate and stay focused, while providing all employees with the opportunity to take a sensory break when they need it.
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My adult son has autism and needs noise cancelling headphones. He is 30 yrs old and needs to be able to concentrate at his job where noise bothers him.
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