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A small area of a room or a corner can work for a senso- ry space. We’ve even seen closets transformed into mini sensory rooms! To block out distractions, hang a curtain
or set up a screen. Sectioning off the area creates a personal haven where kids can turn when they need a break.
Make it comfy
Tough day? Make this a place to chill with a large pillow or beanbag chair. Sensory-seek- ing kids might also enjoy sitting under a weighted blanket for grounding pressure while they read or relax. Fill a basket with favorite books, fidgets or other sensory tools. Noise canceling headphones may help to further block out distractions.
Make it calming
Make your space calming with a bubble tube, glowing LED ball or fiber optic lights, all of which are safe and cool-to-the-touch.
Those that change colors offer a mesmerizing and inter- active experience. Turn on soft, classical music to make the environment more soothing.
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
How can you create the ideal space in your home for kids to calm down, chill out or do homework? Even
if you’re tight on space, carving out a specific area and incorporating sensory tools can go a long way.
Make your space
Mood Stabilization Kit p.81

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