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      SensaSoft Squeezie Seat, p.50
Weighted Sensory Knot Ball, p.61
Harry the Sensory Hedgehog, p.153
Transformer Sensory Sack, p.146
Calming Weighted Comforter, Twin, p.155
Tough and Textured Beanbag Chair, Black, p.57
New! Classroom Corners
Create a spot in your classroom to give restless students a space to themselves to refocus. Pre-empt disruptive behavior with a produc- tive outlet for students with sensory needs. These sensory tools and solutions are designed especially for kids with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Use the tools to create a corner in your classroom that provides students with the sensory stimulation they crave. Supports a calmer, more focused classroom environment
by engaging under responders and calming over responders. Ages 5-18
   CF7026 Basic $499.99 CF7027 Classic $1,229.99 CF7028 Preferred $1,899.99
       Gel Floor Tiles, p.39
Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chair, p.57
Break Box, p.26
Calm Down Jar, p.79
Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow, p.101
Fun Frames with cover, p.34
   *See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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