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A Sensory Corner Package
Sensory rooms help to calm, filter sensory overload and engage the senses. This all-in-one package contains tools for visual, audio and tactile stim- ulation to create a sensory corner in any room. Includes bubble tube, projector with effects wheels, bendable fiber optic lights and calming CDs. See all items online. Use all items with adult supervi- sion. Age 3+
Small parts* MS3698 $6,999.99
       B Fiber Optic Softie Beanbag for
An incredibly comfy beanbag with with calming fiber optic lights that kids can hold or drape over themselves. Watching the colors change helps to calm and support visual stimulation. 2 year war- ranty. Includes 100 fiber optic strands that are 6’ long, transformer, instruction manual and low-volt- age LED light source. Compatible with standard outlet. Weighs approximately 45 lbs. 19”H x 55”D. White. Age 3+
Small parts* LS3843 $1,999.99
 C Fiber Optic Flexible Lights with
Light Source
Our flexible fiber optic lights offer multi-sensoo-
ry stimulation. Strands glow different colors to encourage visual tracking. Bend the strands into cool shapes or drape on the body for tactile input. Creates a soothing environment that supports calm, attention and focus. Set colors to cycle automatically or change with remote control. Light source compatible with standard wall outlet. 1 year warranty. Strands are 6.5’L and PVC-coated for added flexibility. Light source is 7”L x 7.7”W x 3”H. Age 3+
Small parts*
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
CF6208 100 Strands
CF6209 150 Strands
CF6210 200 Strands
$499.99 $549.99 $599.99

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