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 LimeLite LED
Sand Table - Standard
A LimeLiteTM LED Sand Table
This sensory table glows and changes colors! LEDs do not generate heat, so the sand or sensory pebblets (sold separately) remain cool to touch.
1 year warranty. Includes rechargeable 1865 battery (lasts 8-12 hours), standard power cord and remote to cycle through modes and control brightness. Plastic with LED lights. White, changes to 16 colors. Surface wash. Age 4+
D Fiber Optic Jelly Fish
It’s safe to touch the tentacles of this mesmerizing glowing jellyfish with changing colors. Mirror adds another element of exploration and sensory discovery. Calming model auto-rotates through colors. Superactive model includes a controller to switch the colors. IRiS models include a wireless controller to change the colors remotely. With the IRiS with iConverter, control the Jellyfish from your iPhone or iPad. Weighs 24 lbs. 34”L x 16”H x 13”D. 150 tentacles are 78”L. Requires minimum ceiling height of 8’. Age 3+
   SP6785 Standard SP6786 Mini
18” 12”
$229.99 $159.99
MS6728 MS6729 MS6730 MS6731
IRiS (Interactive Reward System) IRiS with iConverter
$1,379.99 $1,849.99 $1,699.99 $2,199.99
     B MusicalTouchWall
Hear and see music come alive! Press your hands against the wall-mountt- ed device to make music and change the rainbow of colorful LED lights. Supports fine and gross motor practice, hand-eye coordination, and recognition of numbers, shapes and colors. Speed, volume and colors
are adjustable. Includes transformer and mounting kit with bracket and anchors. Weighs 29 lbs. 26”L x 32”H x 4”D. Age 3+
CF6216 $3,899.99
New! C LED Blanket
The soft glowing blanket is mesmerizing and calming. LED lights do not generate heat, making it safe to touch. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included.) 2 lbs. 47L x 35W. Polyester. Light blue blanket with 30 LED lights in changing colors of blue, green and pink. Surface wash. Do not use during bedtime. Age 4+
E Sensory Cocoon
A soothing environment that engages the senses through tactile and visual sensory tools. LED lights, fiber optics, bubbles and mirror engage sight, sound and touch. Calming Cocoon slowly auto-rotates through colors for a relaxing effect. Superactive Cocoon includes wireless control- ler to change the colors. IRiS Cocoon allows you to adjust colors from iPad or iPhone. Plugs into standard 110V outlet. Requires floor-to-ceiling height of at least 8’. 40”H x 48”L x 72”W. Age 3+
        MS6747 MS6748 MS6749
Calming $5,599.99 Superactive $6,999.99 IRiS (Interactive Reward System) $7,499.99
F Mozart Effect-Music for Children (Vol. 1,2 3) Calming classical music to play in your sensory room, before naptime
or during quiet time. Music has been carefully selected to provide a rich listening and learning experience. Three volume set (3 CDs): Tune Up Your Relax, Day Dream and Mozart in Motion. All ages.
RS4408 $30.99
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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