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LimeLiteTM Tools
 Integrate calming tools in your class, sensory room, clinic or child’s bedroom. LimeLiteTM cubes, balls and seating emit a soft, soothing glow and rotate through 16 colors. Helps develop visual attention and color skills, too. Portable for use indoors or outdoors. Use remote to adjust brightness, control color cycle, and select flash, strobe, fade or smooth modes. 1 year warran- ty. Includes rechargeable 1865 battery (lasts 8-12 hours) and standard power cord. Plastic with LED lights safe to touch (no heat). White. Surface wash. Age 5+ Small parts*
       LimeLiteTM LED Seating
Create a calming corner anywhere to sit, read or relax. Holds up to 150 lbs. Age 5+
LimeLiteTM LED Cubes
Use 7” and 13” Cubes as a seat. Both hold up to 150 lbs. Use Mini 3.5” Cube as fidget or hand manipulative. Age 5+
CF6502 Spool (G) CF6596 Stool (H) CF6501 Chair (I)
14”H (7.7 lbs.) 15”H (11 lbs.) 18”H (15 lbs.)
$199.99 $229.99 $209.99
CF6753 CF6497 CF6498
Mini Cube (9.8 oz.) (J) 7” Cube (6 lbs.) (K) 13” Cube (15 lbs.) (L)
$44.99 $94.99 $139.99
LimeLiteTM LED Balls
N I Am Amazing LED Cube
Get a motivational boost! Use as a desk light, taa- ble lamp or night light to hone visual attention. Encourage children to pick up and hold the cube to foster interaction with their environment. 14 oz. 3.93” square. Age 4+
Pick it up and watch the colors change. Hold a calming rainbow of color in your hands! Age 5+
CF6499 7” Ball (3 lbs.)
CF6500 11.5” Ball (5 lbs.) (M)
$79.99 $99.99
O LED Puzzle Piece
Puzzle-shaped LED Lamp is perfect for desk or bedside. 13.8 oz. 8.9”L x 8.3”W x 4”D. Age 4+
CF6831 $59.99
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
CF6693 $46.99

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