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A My Magical Cushion
Need a boost? Our thickest air-filled cushion doubles as a booster seat and is sized for smaller chairs. Pre-inflated cushion is com- pletely smooth on one side with spiky tactile bumps on the other. Further inflates with needle pump (sold separately), but does not deflate. 12” Diameter. Inflates to 5”H. PVC. Latex-free. Blue. Sur- face wash. Age 3+
BA1884 $27.99
B Sit-A-Round Cushion
Wiggle ‘round and ‘round at your seat! The inflatable seat cushion allows for 360-degree pelvis motion. Smooth on one side with raised circular pattern on the other for tactile stimulation. Inflate by mouth, with straw or with hand pump (sold separately). 15” Diameter. Inflates to 5”H. PVC. Latex-free. Color may vary. Surface wash. Age 3+
  Small parts* BA1880 $28.99
      C Wiggle Cushion
Embrace the wiggles! Place on your seat or sit on it during circle time to channel restless energy. Has completely smooth surface on one side and slightly raised bumps on the other. Inflate to the max to engage core and balance, or deflate for a more wobbly feel that encourages movement. Inflate by mouth, with straw or with needle pump (sold separately). 15” Diameter. Inflates to 3.5”H. PVC. La- tex-free. Green. Surface wash. Age 3+
BA1882 $29.99
D SpikyTactileCushion
Crave extra sensory stimulation? Pre-inflated seat cushion offers a different tactile experience on each side: spiky tactile bumps and raised bumps. Use as a boundary to remind kids to stay in their spot during circle time, at their desks or while eating. Further in- flates with needle pump (sold separately), but does not deflate. 13” Diameter. Inflates to 4.25”H. PVC. Latex-free. Blue. Surface wash. Age 4+
  Small parts*
Wiggle cushion sold separately
Small parts* BA1881 $28.99
        E Boundary Wiggle SeatTM
Help kids stay in their place and give wiggly bottoms an outlet. Place the Spiky Tactile Cushion or My Magical Cushion (sold separately) inside and zip it closed. The soft high sides and back provide gentle boundaries that encourage kids to remain in their spot. Weighs 13 oz. Seat: 14” Diameter x 13”D. Back: 7”H. Plush polyester. Blue. Surface wash. Age 4+
CF6760 $35.99
F Boundary Chair
Can’t stop falling out of your chair? A comfy seat cushion with sides guides kids to stay in their seats and learn the concept of personal space. Soft, flexible 5”H sides and back provide tactile feedback. Strap provides extra security and adjusts from 18-26”L. Weighs 7 oz. Holds up to 75 lbs. 12”W x 12”D. Plush polyester. Green. Sur- face wash. Age 3-10
CF6132 $32.99
G Move N Rock Study Kit
Two awesome sensory tools for kids who rock and move at their desks: one for their seat and one for their feet! 13” Lean N’ Learn Wedge Cushion has bumpy tactile surface and tilts the hips, pelvis and spine into an active seating position. Rockin’ Rocker Board goes underneath your desk to let fidgety feet quietly move. Age 3+
Small parts*
CF6013 $96.98 $90.99
                 H Lean N Learn Wedge Cushion
Lean to learn! Tilts the pelvis forward to create a more active seatt- ing position. Use it to improve posture and alertness at school or during meals. One side is smooth and the other has tactile raised bumps. Deflate for a firmer seat or inflate to the max for a beveled surface to challenge balance. Easily inflates by mouth, straw or with a high volume hand pump (sold separately). PVC. Latex-free. Age 3+
Small parts*
BA2483 Green-10” (Ages 4-10) $27.99 BA1883 Blue-13” (Ages 8-Teen) $27.99
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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