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This Therapist Kit has
sensory and motor
tools all in one bag.
Easy and affordable!”
A Therapist Kit
Perfect for on-the-go therapists! With this kit, you’ll always have the right sensory or motor tool for your clients. From squishy putty to a soothing massage roller, our messenger bag is packed with a versatile collection of fun, colorful therapy tools. Includes items that provide pressure, sensory input, heavy work, tactile exploration and more. Bag is blue and black. Surface wash. Age 3+
NOTE: Items may vary. Visit for details.
 Small parts* CF6231 $259.99
    B Break Bag
The next time you’re getting ready to leave the house, grab your Break Bag. When kids need
a sensory break, you’ll be ready with a tool for manipulation, weight or pressure. The items inside help ease anxiety, regulate mood and keep kids engaged. Includes tools that provide heavy work, oral motor stimulation, tactile stimulation, proprio- ceptive input, fine motor work and more. Age 4+ NOTE: Items may vary. Visit for details.
  Small parts* CF6068 $158.99 $139.99
       C Sensory Survival Kit
For quick sensory breaks at school and on-the- go, this handy pouch holds tools and activities that sensory seekers crave. Includes teacher and kid favorites for hand strengthening, fine motor coordination, stress reduction, fidgeting, chewing, sensory integration and stretching. Replacement pouch sold separately. 11”L x 7”W. Canvas pouch with zipper closure. Blue. Surface wash. Age 5+ NOTE: Items may vary. Visit for details.
 Small parts*
CF6512 Sensory Survival Kit $104.43 $93.99
      CF6733 Replacement pouch $6.99
D Classroom Weighted Focus
Students with the wiggles? Compression vests, tactile beanbags and lap pads help students focus, settle down and get ready to learn. Use when concentration is needed during circle time, solo reading, tests, homework or other quiet classroom activities. Versatile tools serve children of different abilities, ages and sizes. Includes 1 Small Blue Weighted Compression Vest, 1 Small Pressure Mesh Vest, 5 Weighted Tactile Beanbags (1/2 lb. each), 3 Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pads (Small, Medium and Large). Age 3+
NOTE: Items may vary. Visit for details.
KT2396 $226.94 $193.49
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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