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    F Palm Weight-Set of 2
Writing tremors or shaky fingers? This unique handwriting aid supports fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Strap the palm-sized weights to your hands for proprioceptive input and sensory feedback. Ages 3-7 can hold the weights to help reorganize and calm down. Ages 8-adult can use weights for sensory input while writing. Includes 2 weights, each .25 lbs. 3”L x 2”W with 5” hook-and-loop strap. Plush polyester. Green. Surface wash. Age 3+
RW5931 $14.99
G Cando® Hand Weight
Hand Weight provides proprioceptive and senn- sory input, helping to improve handwriting. Sim- ply wrap around the palm and the weight rests on top of the hand while writing. Choose 1/4 lb. or 1/2 lb. weights. For right hand use only. One size fits all hands. Neoprene. Ages 4-11
I Reading Focus Card
Combo-2 Pack
A handy tool that encourages reading line-by- line. Cards isolate one or two lines of text. Can also be used as a placeholder for algebraic
or scientific equations. Includes one small
and one large card to accommodate different lengths and sizes of text, including paperbacks, textbooks and tablets. Latex-free. Contains phthalates. 9”L x 4”W x .375”D. Age 4+
Small parts* GM4570 $22.99
J Finger Spacer (25 Pack)
Finger Spacers help students learn direction and measurement during writing activities. Place
at the end of the word as a visual and motor H guide. Translucent color heightens the intensity
of the letters. Use at desk or on an overhead
projector. One-Finger Spacer is recommended
for grades K-2. Two-Finger Spacer is recom-
mended for Pre-K-Grade 1. 3.5”L x 2’’W x .75”H.
Age 4+
        MW5659 MW5661
.25 lb. .5 lb.
$24.99 $26.99
H ClassroomLightFilters-Setof4 These easy-to-install filters transform harsh fluorescent light to a soothing blue light. By reducing flicker and glare, the filters encourage calm in your classroom and help avoid sensory overload. Heat-resistant fabric filters attach to standard ceiling light fixtures with four sturdy, built-in magnets. Each filter is 4’L x 2’W. For adult use. Small magnets*
VG4227 $36.99
HW4330 One-Finger Spacer
HW4331 Two-Finger Spacer
$18.99 $18.99
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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