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Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock
Time Tracker Mini
GB4127 Time Tracker Mini $24.99 GB4125 Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock $41.99
B Time Timer
This handy tool helps young learners see how much time is left, even if they don’t know how to tell time. The disappearing red disk clearly and visually displays time passing. Use to introduce the concept of timed activities, set time limits, manage transitions and help kids learn how to manage their time. Choose from three sizes. 3” timer has protective cover that flips open and serves as a stand. The 8” and 12” timers can be used free-standing or wall-mounted. Age 3+
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
A Time Tracker
Whether it’s time for homework, reading or even time out, the Time Tracker provides visual and audible cues to help kids stay on task. Customize the lights and sound effects to alert kids to time re- maining. Features include LCD countdown display, volume control and pause. Requires AC Adapter
or 4 AA batteries (not included). Mini model quietly counts down remaining time, then lights up and
B sounds when time’s up. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Both models have silent mode. Age
New! C Time Timer Dry Erase Board
RW6853 $18.99
New! D Time Timer MOD
Help children stay on task during test taking or schoolwork. The 60-minute visual timer is espe- cially helpful for children who can’t yet tell time. The red disc slowly disappears as time passes, pro- viding a visual reference for the passage of time. There’s no distracting ticking, and the “time’s up” sound can be turned off. Requires AA battery (not included). 8 oz. 3.98”L x 3.93”W x 2.36”D. Char- coal gray. Surface wash. Age 3+
CF6989 $35.99
E Time Timer Plus
Provide visual and audible cues to teach time management and help kids stay on track during activities. Features red disc to visualize passing time. Use volume control to increase or silence the tone. Clear durable lens protects the disk. Carry handle and durable case. 7.25”H x 8.75”L x 3”W. Age 3+
Small parts*
GB2072 3”
GB2073 8”
GB4349 12”
$29.99 $34.99 $39.99
Small parts* CF5984 $37.99
Small parts*

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