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*See safety information on page 3 for details.
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     A Busy FingersTM Tangram Gel Puzzle
Keep fingers and minds busy! This fun fidget puzzle teaches geometric shapes, spatial relationships and visual processing. Put together the triangles, square and parallelogram to form thousands of designs and build spatial skills. Squish the gel-filled shape to encourage focus, at- tention and fine motor coordination. Includes travel bag, activity guide and the 7 shapes of a tangram puzzle. Shapes form a 6” square. Clear PVC, with colored gel sealed inside. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 3+
MS6020 $29.99
B Pocket Gel Fidget
Squish this cool, pocket-sized manipulative and watch the colors ooze! This fidget keeps fingers busy when stressed, bored or seeking sensory input. Helps to boost dexterity and finger strength for handwriting, and provides fine motor work. Kids can discreetly tuck it in their pocket and give a good squeeze when they need to calm or focus at school.
1 oz. 3”L x 1.5”W. Vinyl with multi-colored gel sealed inside. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 4+
CF6592 $9.99
New! C Sensory Gel ABC’s
Manipulate, touch or trace these colorful gel-filled letters. The squishy gel alphabet provides a multi-sensory learning experience that’s fun! The glitter floating inside invites kids to move the gel around, and the size of the letters is easy for early learners to pick up and manipulate. Excellent kinesthetic learning tool for therapists and teachers to incorporate into visual and auditory learning activities. Includes 38 letters: 26 alphabet letters, plus extra vowel letters. PVC. 1 lb. 4”L x 2.5”W. Multi-colored. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 4+
SP7056 $45.99
D Gel Pad Elements-2 Pack
Push, pull and move the gel! Without getting messy, kids can trace their fingers through the squishy gel and watch the colors connect. The color-
ful gel swirls and engages even the most reticent users. Learn letters and numbers by placing images under the pad and tracing the shapes. Ideal
for sensory-defensive children who dislike getting their hands dirty. Use for sensory motor breaks, finger work and fine motor training. Includes one pad with blue gel and stars, and one pad with green gel. PVC. Environmentally safe gel sealed inside. 6 oz. 8”L x 11.5”W. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 3+
SP6116 $25.99

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