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 Discovery PuttyTM
Play hide-and-seek with our Discovery Putty, a playful tool to strengthen hands, improve fine motor planning, and support sensory integration. Stretch, mold and pull the putty to find the hidden pieces -- and hide them again. Identify each piece to support speech and language development, visual and tactile skills, and color recognition. 4 oz. Silicone. Free
of gluten, casein, latex and soy. CPSIA compliant. Not for mouthing. Age 4+ Small parts*
Classic Collection
Grab the Goodies has fruits and chocolates, donuts, cookies, crackers and candies, hidden in yellow putty (soft resistance). Animal Rescue has a bear, ladybug, monkey, frog, parrot, lamb, giraffe, fish, whale and alligator, hidden in brown putty (firm resistance).
        School Tools has a school building, globe, bus, paper, com- puter, pencil, crayon, lunch box, backpack, calculator, ruler and apple, hidden in red putty (extra soft resistance). Transportation Station has a police car, fire truck, race car, bicycle, sailboat, motorcycle, ship, ambulance, dump truck, skateboard and airplane, hidden in orange putty (soft resist- ance).
   Please note: The quantity and type of hidden pieces may vary.
SP5041 Grab the Goodies - Yellow Soft
SP5042 Animal Rescue - Brown Firm
SP5783 Set of Animal Rescue and Grab the Goodies
SP6088 School Tools - Red X-Soft
SP6089 Transportation Station - Orange Soft
SP6212 SetofSchoolToolsandTransportationStation $29.98$26.99
SP6213 Set of all Four Classic Putties $59.96$49.99
Global Collection
Arctic Adventure has a snowman, polar bear, igloo, sled, mitten, hat, snowflake, shovel, ice skates, kitten, house and car, hidden in white putty (medium resistance).
Emoji Excitement has emojis featuring different facial expres- sions, hidden in black putty (firm resistance).
Dino Dig has dinosaurs and fossils, hidden in gold putty (x-soft resistance).
Intergalactic Odyssey has planets, sun, moon, astronaut and rocket ship, hidden in blue-glitter putty (medium resistance). Around the World has continents, a compass and children holding hands around the world, hidden in blue putty (medi- um resistance).
Please note: The quantity and type of hidden pieces may vary.
SP6663 SP6697 SP6713 SP6765 SP6766
Arctic Adventure - White
Emoji Excitement - Black
Dino Dig - Gold
Intergalactic Odyssey - Blue Glitter Around the World - Blue
Medium Firm X-Soft Medium Medium
$14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99
$14.99 $14.99 $26.99 $14.99 $14.99
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
Putty pieces available for purchase separately - go to

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