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A Sensational Circle Fidget Brushes
Feel the soft, flexible bristles on one side. Trace your fingers along the raised tactile circles on the back. Or even feel the bumps and bristles with your feet! Includes 3 circles. Each weighs 1.6 oz. Circles have a 5.4”Diameter. Silicone. Blue, green and yellow. Surface wash. Age 3+
SP6759 $15.99
New! B Large Silicone Sensory Brush
Highly tactile brush helps to wake up muscles or to encourr- age calm. Features flexible soft bristles and smooth tactile bumps on the top. Bristles are fine enough to to brush lightly on face, hands and arms. 3.8 oz. 5”L x 2.5”W x 1.25”D. Silicone. Teal. Surface wash. Age 4+
CF6830 $9.99
C Sensory Brushes - 6 Pack
Soft bristles provide therapeutic combination of deep press- sure and tactile stimulation to help self-regulate, calm down and improve focus. Benefits may include decreased fear or discomfort from being touched and improved self-regulation during daily activities. Suitable for use with Wilbarger Brush- ing Protocol. Handle not included (sold separately.) 1.5”L x 3”W x 1”H. Plastic. Age 1+
MQ1735 $9.99
D Wilbarger Therapy Brush-6 Pack
Dense bristles and an oval shape that fits comfortably
in your hand. Use in the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol to
help address tactile defensiveness and sensory regulation challenges. Helps decrease anxiety or discomfort from being touched. Supports self-regulation during daily activities. Includes handle. Each brush is 3.5”L x 2.25”W. Age 1+
TC3675 $23.99
E Sensory Fidget Brushes- 6 pack Sensitive or resistant to touch? Soft bristles encourage tactile exploration and desensitization. They even make a cool pop- ping noise for additional sensory interest. Use to help reduce tactile defensiveness, ease transitions and improve focus. Each brush is 1 oz. 2.5”L x 1.75”W. Silicone. Blue and yellow. Surface wash. Age 5+
CF6292 $13.99
F Sensory Mini Mats
Soft as grass or scaly like a snake? Each tile has a different texture. Touch and describe textures that feel like grass, glitter, sandpaper, plush, snake skin and carpet. Engages sensory seekers and provides non-threatening interaction for tactile defensiveness. 12 oz. Each tile is 10”L x 8”W. Pol- yester. Green, orange, brown, white, red, blue. Surface wash. Age 3+
SP6679 $59.99
G SensaSoftTM Texture Cube
Every surface is covered with different fabric, offering a varii- ety of textures to feel. Roll like a giant die for games, or use as a seat for small children. Weighs 1.1 lb. 7.9”L x 7.9”W x 7.9”D. PVC outer, foam filler, polyester, nylon, denim. White, red, orange, yellow, blue, green. Surface wash. Age 1+
CF6706 $64.99
H Anemone Desk Fidget - Set of 3 Attach under your desk, on the wall near your bed or just about anywhere your fingers like to play. Feel the soft and soothing tentacles for tactile exploration. Helps to focus, calm and reduce anxiety. Attaches to solid surfaces with hook-and-loop closure. 9”L x 2”W. 100% polyester. Red. Surface wash. Age 4+
CF6022 $21.99
                   *See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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