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A Essential Scissor Kit
Designed for students with weak grip and poor hand control. Includes 7 pairs of specialty scissors and guidance cards for each. 1 pair of mini loop scissors, 2 loop scissors (LH and RH), 2 dual-control training scissors (LH and RH), and 2 self-opening scissors
(LH and RH). Includes polythene zip bag for safe storage. Age 3+
Small parts* SC4546 7 Pack $57.99
Looking all over for small loop scissors for our preschoolers. You had them at a reasonable cost.”
BRENDA G. // Loop Scissors 1.800.231.6329
Small parts*
Right Hand $10.99 Left Hand $10.99
B Mini Easi-Grip® Loop Scissors These lightweight self-opening scissors support kids learning to cut and those with weak grip, tremor or finger isolation challenges. Blades close with gentle pressure between fingers and thumb or fingers
and palm. Spring re-opens blades after each cut. Made with a wide, unbreakable handle for increased stability. Suitable for righties or lefties. 5”L. Age 3+
Small parts*
SC5788 6 Pack $41.94 $35.79
C Easi-Grip® Loop Scissors
Closing these scissors requires only gentle pressure between fingers and thumb, or fingers and palm. For those with limited hand strength, the large loop is easier to squeeze shut than standard scissor handles. Blades automatically re-open after each cut. Includes a blade guard. 7.2”L x 3”W. Polymer handle. Age 3+ Small parts*
SC1359 Right Hand $9.99
SC1360 Left Hand $9.99
D Long Loop Easi-Grip® Scissors Easy-to-grasp loops allow for a firmer hold and grip, helping to reduce the movement of scissors in your hand. Blades automatically re-open after each cut. 7.28”L x 3.93”W. Colors vary. Use with adult supervi- sion.
SC4543 SC4544
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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