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JOHN T // Interlox
A Interlox
Build, design and create! These translucent building panels fit together easily to construct buildings, robots, animals
or whatever else kids can imagine. Helps improve fine motor and motor planning skills. Explore symmetry and asymmetry, discover color combinations and strengthen problem-solving skills. Pieces are 2”L x 2”W in five colors. Plastic. Surface wash. Age 3+ Small parts*
SP5722 96 Pieces $19.99
B Magna-Tiles
With these ‘magic’ tiles, kids can build anything from
the simplest shapes to complex towers and castles. The magnetic pieces snap together to bring creative visions to life. Create designs on a flat surface or build in 3D. Build on a light table and watch the light sparkle through. Helps to develop shape and color recognition, fine motor skills and a deeper understanding of symmetry and geometry. Choose from solid or translucent colors. Includes a variety of triangle and square pieces that are 3-6”W. Age 3+
Small magnets*
LB3020 Clear Color 100 Pieces $119.99 LB3016 Solid Color 100 Pieces $109.99
C Textured Pop Beads
A ‘gripping’ play experience! Sort, snap and string together these chunky beads to practice sequencing or make a necklace. Helps increase tactile awareness by feeling the varying textures (smooth, grooved and bumpy). Beads
are approximately 1” each, sized for easy grasp and fine motor work. Includes storage tube, game ideas and 100 plastic beads. Plastic. Blue, green, yellow and red. Age 3+
Small parts* HS3660 $19.99
New! D Peekaboo Sea Creatures
Tunnels can be scary and unfamiliar for young children. Pushing these adorable sea creatures through the stretchy sleeves helps children learn how they work. This activity challenges intrinsic finger muscles while helping reluctant children build the confidence to crawl through tunnels on their own. Includes 2 creatures and 2 sleeves. Weighs 5.2 oz. Yellow creature: 4”L x 3”W x 3”D. Blue creature: 4.5”L x 4”W x 2.5”D. Red sleeve: 11.5”L. Blue sleeve: 8”L. Sea creatures made from PVC. Sleeves made from polyester and spandex. Surface wash. Age 3+
SP7052 $18.99
E The Multi-Matrix Game
Brain development, on the square! A fun game to help imm- prove reading and math skills, fine motor skills and focus. The cubes with letters, numbers, dots and symbols can
be used for many activities to practice visual perception, eye tracking, motor control, pattern recognition, spatial awareness and more. Activities vary in difficulty for children with cognitive and coordination challenges. Includes box, 25 colored dice, 25 white dice, 3 pattern cards and access to online training course with games and instructions. 8”L x 5”W x 2”H. Age 3+
VG4225 $49.99
Solid Color
 Small parts*
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
Clear Color
F Pop Tubes-5 Pack
Brrrrmp! Pop tubes connect to each other and provide auu- ditory, tactile and visual stimulation. They’re simple, benda- ble, snappable tubes that you can pull and push, making a cool crunching sound with each movement. Helps bilateral coordination and strengthens arms and fingers. Assort-
ed colors include blue, purple, green and orange. Each expands from 8” to 30”. Latex-free. Age 3+
MQ1034 $7.99

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