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Clock Whiteboard
Wall Panel Wall Panel Frame
Gears Whiteboard Wall Panel
Electricity Wall Panel
            InterACTIONTM Bumble Bee Board
CF6682 CF6685 CF6686 CF6688 CF6684 CF6683 CF6687
Wall Panel Frame
Animal Maze Wall Panel Clock Whiteboard Wall Panel Electricity Wall Panel
Gears Whiteboard Panel Mood Wall Panel
Optical Illusion Wall Panel
$94.99 $119.99 $89.99 $269.99 $149.99 $119.99 $269.99
Optical Illusion Wall Panel
Mood Wall Panel
Animal Maze Wall Panel
InterACTIONTM Leg Board
A Wall Panel Collection
Learn through touch, play and cause and effect. Install the frame directly on the wall in your classroom, clinic or home. Easily interchangeable panels offer a variety of activities for sensory play, learning and motor development. Hands-on activities help with mood regulation, motor skills and visual processing. Wall Panel Frame: Weighs 3.3 lbs. 17.7”L x 20.1”W x 2.4”D. Wood and tin. Panels: Weigh 4.4 lbs. 17.7”L x 19.7”W x 1.2”D. Laminated medium-density fiberboard. Surface wash. Age 4+
   B InterActionTM Board Collection
Turn a hallway or corner in your classroom into an activity
center for sensory integration, cognitive development and motor planning. Provides upper and lower body work to practice hand- eye coordination, build fine motor skills and challenge dexterity. For example, the Crocodile Board includes a maze, bead circle, interlocking gear spinner, mirror, magnet tool and music makers. Visit for details on each board’s activities. Laminated fiberboard and wood. Includes mounting hardware. Surface wash. Age 4+
InterACTIONTM Crocodile Board
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
SP6689 SP6690 SP6691
InterACTIONTM Crocodile Board InterACTIONTM Bumble Bee Board InterACTIONTM Leg Board
$449.99 $79.99 $149.99

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