Page 53 - Fun and Function Catalog 2018
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    D F
 Howda Hug 2
   New! D Folding Chair
Take an instant seat with you anywhere! Light, portable and easy to store, fold it flat or attach the adjustable strap to provide back support. Sized for kids and adults alike. Weighs about 5 lbs. Base of seat: 20” Diameter. Back: 9.5”H. Polyester cover with polyurethane foam pad. Surface wash. Age 3+
CF7083 Blue $31.99 CF7082 Green $31.99
E Vidget
Instead of trying to stop the wiggles, embrace them! Allows for quiet rocking to help calm and focus. Rock side-to-side or front-to-back without tipping over. Encourages natural movement to release rest- less energy. Turn on its side to change the height. Lightweight and stackable design. High-density polyethylene plastic. Made in USA. Surface wash. View detailed measurements and weight capacities
F HowdaHug Seats
Cradles the body, allowing kids to rock in place while supporting an upright seating position. Helps promote promote balance, core strength and posture for low-tone children. Tighten straps for a tighter, more secure-feeling hug. Rolls up for easy storage and transportation. Petite is 13”W x 13”H and holds up to 50 lbs. HowdaHug 2 is 15”W x 15.5”H and holds up to 100 lbs. HowdaHug 1 is 16”W x 15.5”H and holds up to 125 lbs. Flexible wooden slats with rugged canvas. Age 3+
H Wobble Chair
This chair totally rocks! Gives kids who fidget and wiggle in their seat a way to channel restless energy. Rounded base is made to tilt and wobble, but won’t tip over. Supports active learning, concentration and balance. Choose from two sizes in assorted colors. Holds up to 275 lbs. Kids’ chair has 11” Diameter, base with 13.75” Diameter and 14”H. Teen chair has 11” Diameter, base with 13.75” Diameter and 18.7”H. Age 4+
 VS2502 Petite HowdaHug Adjustable VS2500 Howda Hug 2
VS2498 Howda Hug 1
$79.99 $79.99 $79.99
CF5991 CF5992 CF5994 CF5997 CF5998 CF5999 CF6002 CF6000 CF6003 CF6004
Red Kids Blue Kids Green Kids Black Kids Dark Blue Kids Dark Gray Kids Black Teen Dark Green Teen Dark Blue Teen Dark Gray Teen
$74.99 $74.99 $74.99 $74.99 $74.99 $74.99 $94.99 $94.99 $94.99 $94.99
                for all sizes online (more colors available Ages 18 months+
$92.99 $92.99 $92.99 $102.99 $102.99 $102.99
G SensaSoftTM Mushroom Soft Play Furniture Soft seats and tables are sized for kids and encourage collaborative free play and movement. Playfully shaped like a mushroom, the stem (or base) can be stacked with the cap-shaped top. Sit, climb, stack and build to practice gross motor work. Includes 4 stems and 4 tops. 18.7 lbs. Green stems are 15.7”L x 11.8”W x 7.5”D. Orange tops are 18.9”L x 11.8”W x 11.4”D. PVC and covered foam. Easy-to-clean material disinfects easily. Surface wash. Age 3+
SP6716 $359.99
     CF6625 CF6624 CF6626 CF6628 CF6627 CF6629
Bubbly Blue Lively Lime Playful Purple Bubbly Blue Lively Lime Playful Purple
10” Toddler 10” Toddler 10” Toddler 12” Small 12” Small 12” Small
*See safety information on inside back cover for details.

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