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*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
 A Space Explorers
Step into the Space Explorer and feel the calming push of the resiss- tive material as you move, jump, roll, dance or transform into your favorite animal. Helps children develop spatial and body awareness, muscle strength and motor planning. Provides sensory input, sooth- ing deep pressure and endless possibilities for imaginative play! To select size, measure from shoulders to feet. Four-way stretch span- dex with a hook-and-loop closure. Machine wash. Age 3+
MW5638 MW5637 MW5636 MW6233 MW5639 MW5640 MW5641 MW5642
Animal Animal Animal Solid Solid Solid Solid Solid
Small-Leopard (40”L x 26”W) Medium-Cheetah (47”L x 27”W) Large-Zebra (55”L x 28”W) X-Small-Purple (30”L x 22”W) Small-Red (40”L x 26”W) Medium-Green (47”L x 27”W) Large-Orange (55”L x 28”W) X-Large-Blue (60”L x 30”W)
$32.99 $35.99 $39.99 $30.99 $32.99 $35.99 $38.99 $41.99
        CD B Transformer Sensory Sack
Transform your mood when you stretch, crawl, move, roll and
snuggle. The heavy work helps transition from sad to happy, from distracted to focused, from hyper to calm. The secret lies in the deep pressure and resistance from the stretchy material. Folds for easy travel. Not for use during sleeping. Spandex. Hand wash. Age 4+
MW5873 Small 40”L x 20”W - Blue $29.99 MW6996 Large 55”L x 30”W - Black $49.99
C Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack
Resistance never felt so good! Our terrycloth resistance bands proo- vide proprioceptive feedback and offer a great workout for even the most tactile-defensive users. Use alone or with friends. Place bands on the floor and have the kids hop from circle to circle as the music plays. Invent your own therapeutic activities to encourage move- ment, pulling and stretching. 21”L. Stretches to 34”L. Blue. Plush polyester. Hand wash. Age 3+
MW6021 $19.99
D Stretch Bands
Strrrrrrrrrretch out playtime! Similar to resistance bands used in fitt- ness classes, these encourage sensory integration, movement, heavy work, joint compression and coordination. Ideal for heavy work be- fore school, homework or therapy sessions to help organize the body and focus the brain. Use to warm up hands for fine motor activities. Tie the band around a table or desk leg to provide resistance while sitting. Stash in your bag for an instant sensory break wherever you go. Spandex. Purple. Hand wash. Age 4+
         MW6045 Small
MW6046 Medium
MW6047 Large
38.5”x 6” 46” x 6” 53” x 6”
$14.99 $15.99 $16.99

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