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*See safety information on inside back cover for details.
A Hand Eye Coordination Scarves Set
Multi-colored juggling scarves help kids practice bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination and balance. Toss and catch the scarves as you cross an imaginary line down the center of your body. Crossing midline is a crucial develop- mental milestone for reading, writing and daily activities like putting on socks and shoes. 12”L x 12”W. Polyester. Yellow, red, pink, orange, blue and green. Hand wash. Age 5+
MW5822 $17.99
B Foam Rocker Board
Take a sensory break anytime, anywhere! Use our lightt- weight rocker board to challenge balance, core strength, re- action skills and muscle tone. Students who need movement can stand on it during class or use as a foot fidget while seated. Travels easily between home, school and the clinic. Holds up to 150 lbs. 15”L x 15”W x 4”H. Durable closed-cell foam. Black. Surface wash. Age 3+
MW5990 $49.99
C 3-Height Ultimate Balance Board Choose your challenge level! As kids develop strength, ball- ance and confidence, raise the height with snap-on fulcrums. Illustrated feet show where to stand. Smooth and con- trolled movements allow a ball (not included) to roll along the Z-shaped track. Includes 1 board, 2 fulcrums (3 height adjustments) and activity guide. Holds up to 170 lbs. 19”L x 11”W x 3.5”H. Colors may vary. Age 5+
BA2550 $41.99
D Rockin Rocker Board
Sturdy, functional and great for rockin’ out the wiggles! Helps challenge balance, motor planning and coordination. Use for righting and tilting reactions in multiple positions
-- sitting, kneeling, standing, and even playing catch. Built to stand up to heavy use. Holds 200 lbs. 15” square. 4”H. Made in USA. Wood. Surface wash. Age 3+
CF4525 $69.99
E RockAround
Vestibular therapy that really rocks! Sit inside and rock from side to side, or spin around to practice balance and coordi- nation skills. Can be enjoyed by two children simultaneously for indoor or outdoor use. 30”L x 30”W x 6”H. Holds up to 110 lbs. Weighs 3.8 lbs. Red. Age 3+
VS1988 $59.99
F Spin Disc
This fun-tastic spinning device supports kids with sensory and balance challenges. Provides vestibular input, helps build trunk muscles and increases postural stability. The 7-degree tilt helps keep momentum going. Kids can spin around and around while sitting, kneeling or in prone posi- tions. Holds up to 125 lbs. Sitting area is 24”L x 26”W. Age 3+
SP4762 $149.99
G Whisper Tilt ‘N SpinTM
Twirl and tilt while getting sensory integration and vestibular therapy! One gentle push on the ground and you’re off to a great spin. Large surface supports kids while sitting, kneeling or on their tummies. Helps practice coordinated upper
body movement, balance and core strength. Do not stand on board. Holds up to 200 lbs. 20” diameter base with 16” diameter seat. 3 degree tilt. Made in USA. Wood. Age 6+
MW4989 $199.99
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