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     E Sensory Gel Maze
Squiggle the marble along the twisting path for a fun, squishy and tactile-rich activity. Helps develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen fingers and improve attention and focus. 2.2 lbs. 14”W x 14”L. Vinyl with green gel and marble sealed inside. Surface wash. Not for mouth- ing. Age 4+ Small parts*
TC3747 $31.99
F Spiral Gel Maze
An a-MAZE-ing tool to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Even with a light touch, kids can move the marble around the maze to strengthen finger control, visual tracking and coordination. Place a sticker anywhere on the spiral to suggest a final ending posi- tion. 8 lbs. 17” Diameter. Vinyl with blue gel and marble sealed inside. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 3+ Small parts*
TC5979 $33.99
G Gel Wave Pad
It’s so much fun to ride the waves! Move the discs through this super sparkly Gel Wave Pad to practice hand-eye coordination, dexterity and finger strength. The two connected wave-shaped pieces are filled with glittery gel and small discs. Use as a lightly weighted lap pad for extra sensory input. 4 lbs. 21”L x 13”W. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 4+ Small parts*
TC3751 $29.99
H Busy FingersTM Gel Fidget
A cool gel fidget! Squish the eight rectangular shapes and watch the rainbow of colorful bubbles ooze. Mesmerizing fun, this fidget responds to any kind of finger pressure. Quietly helps to relieve stress and bore- dom, provide sensory input and keep fingers busy. Slips into backpack or purse for easy travel. 5.5”W x 7”L. Clear PVC with multi-color water and gel sealed inside. Colors may vary. Surface wash. Not for mouthing. Age 3+
CF5930 $19.99
*See safety information on page 3 for details.

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